Secrets of the World Harvesters

A Dungeon Crawl Classics Level 1 Adventure


The Great Thaw has released the world of Osarb from an ice age, revealing ruins from ancient civilizations. The villagers of Halbrinks are faced with a crisis: rescue their kidnapped hunters from a mysterious, previously undiscovered pyramid or risk starvation during the coming winter. Inside, they will discover traces of a sinister, forgotten enemy of their people. More importantly, they will learn the true origins of the gods of their ancestors, the fabled World Harvesters. If they survive long enough, the characters may even locate a powerful World Harvester artifact: a cosmic portal allowing instantaneous intergalactic planetary travel!

Secrets of the World Harvesters is a standalone 1st level adventure as well as a tool that allows the Judge to seamlessly integrate characters into any existing DCC campaign or setting. Get gritty in the weird west, get funky in the far future, get glowy in the post-apocalypse, or charge into the depths of your imagination to create entirely new worlds to unleash upon your players.

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Secrets of the World Harvesters (Print)


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